Wisher and ThoughtFaqtory partnered up last year to work on a brand spanking new gifting app designed especially for you.

These cutting edge iOS and Android mobile apps were created to be global game changers. Conceived in London and born in Cape Town, Wisher is the simplest and most fun way to capture, store and share all your wishes.

Wisher is a community for the young at heart around the world, the dreamers and the believers… the wishers and the givers.

The apps were created to stand out from the dull, boring and meaningless shopping technologies. It’s a simple solution in your everyday life designed to make you wonder what life was like without Wisher. It’s a world full of colourful wishes created by you.

Guaranteed, Wisher is the best way to make wishes happen.

How? Because it not only captures wishes, but turns them into reality by transforming mobiles into wish wands.

Wowser! Anytime or anywhere you see anything you want, you simply ‘Wish it’. It’s placed up in your special Wisher cloud, which is shared with your friends and family. You can get people to make your wishes come true, as well as granting theirs.

Gifting has never been this fun and easy. It’s basically like sliding on a rainbow…backwards!

Head over to www.wisher.com to find out more.